Wabasha Minnesota Wabasha MN Antiques
National Eagle Center

Antiques Wabasha
Proud's Bridgeside Antiques
Located at 234 West Main Street
In Downtown Wabasha, Minnesota

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Wabasha MN
Wabasha is Located
5-1/2 hours NW of Chicago
4 hours NW of Milwaukee
3 hours NW of Madison
1 hour N of Lacrosse
1.5 hours SE of Twin Cities
1 hour E of Rochester
Antiques Wabasha
    Spend a Day in Historic Downtown Wabasha
         Discover Your Antique Treasures . . . . .
             Where the Eagles and the Great River Meet !!!

Red Wing Antiques Proud's Bridgeside Antiques
234 West Main St.
Wabasha, Minnesota

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