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Visit Historic Wabasha, Minnesota!
and the Beautiful Mississippi River Valley!

National Eagle Center "Proud’s Bridgeside Antiques is located in two historical buildings filled with antiques, collectibles and much more!"

Located just a short walk from the National Eable Center, home to rescued
Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, situated on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Wabasha is the home of the famous movie “Grumpy Old Men”.

Golf on the beautiful course with spectacular views or ski on the slopes of Coffee Mill.

Explore Lark Toys with a great carousel and hand made wooden toys.

Just a short drive from Rochester's Mayo Clinic for a day's getaway!

Stay overnight at the Historical Anderson House or Turning Waters Bed and Breakfast.

• Antiques
• Glassware
• Toys
• Crystal
• Furniture
• Vintage Collectibles

    Spend a Day in Historic Downtown Wabasha
         Discover Your Antique Treasures . . . . .
             Where the Eagles and the Great River Meet !!!

Minnesota Antiques Proud's Bridgeside Antiques
234 West Main St.
Wabasha, Minnesota

Wabasha Antiques
Lake Pepin Mississippi River